Hillside Blueberries 2016
Season Finale
*Beat The Heat Special*
Wednesday, August 10th, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
U-pick only $2 per lb.

The Nelson crop is in it's full splendor and is anxious to be picked.
Cash & checks only.

Please remember to bring your take home containers!

         Hillside Blueberries General Information   

Welcome to Hillside Blueberries, located in west Multnomah County in a pleasant rural environment. Hours of operation in 2016 will be Friday through Sunday, 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m most weekends. I will post here or on voice mail weekly if field conditions change. We are closed in the heat of the day as picking then is not best for purchasing quality fruit. Depending on our activities and whether we are present, picking by appointment can occasionally be arranged Tuesday, and Thursday and some weekend evenings.  Fruit is available on either a U-pick or picked basis. If you wish to have berries picked for you, please telephone and allow us sufficient time to pick fruit in the early morning when berries are cool and firm. 

Our phone number is (503) 645-6581 and as this is my home phone with voice mail, I ask that you please call between 7am and 9pm only.

We provide picking baskets. Please use these containers to facilitate ease at check out. You will need to bring your own containers for taking your fruit home.

We have two varieties of pesticide-free berries for your eating enjoyment:  Spartans and Nelsons.  The Spartans are a large, delicious berry generally ready to pick early July - weather permitting. The Nelson variety usually ripens about a month later and lasts until early September.   Although generally not as large as the Spartans, these berries are also quite tasty (my Mother- actually prefers the Nelsons).  From early appearances, these heavily laden bushes will be abundantly available in both varieties and may even be ripe a little earlier than usual.

Both berries are great for eating fresh or freezing to eat during the winter when fresh-picked fruit is so greatly appreciated. Cooking with either type results in great muffins, pies, syrups and salsas.  For the brewers, blueberries can even be added to beer to make a delightful beverage.  For the sweet-tooth, blueberry ice cream and granitas make for a pleasant respite on a hot summer day.  Take a look at some of our favorite recipes below.  Visitors to our field from as far away as Eastern and Southern Oregon have delighted in the pleasures of our fruit.

Come and check us out!